Am I the only one that feels like this year just took off and got started without me?

Sometimes life does that. It takes off like a snowball rolling downhill, building momentum with no way to stop it.

Ever feel like that?

Do you feel like that now?

Maybe you had good intentions of changes you wanted to make, new habits to start and especially of the life you wanted to live.

I have good news for you ~ it’s not too late!

Have you ever left an accessory light on in your car overnight, only to come out the next morning and it won’t start?

That’s how our life is. A seemingly small, maybe even insignificant item can drain all of your energy.  But you don’t just abandon your vehicle for good do you? Of course not! You probably call someone to come and give your battery a jump. The battery still had life left in it. It had just been drained temporarily. Why couldn’t we use the same analogy for this year?

Let’s give it a jumpstart!

First of all, make a short list (2 or 3 items) of things you wanted to change or pursue. Now, next to each item place your connector – the person that will be your accountability to help jumpstart your goal. Don’t quit before you start; think beyond the obvious, this may even be a group or a class. For example, if you wanted to set a fitness goal, you could join a gym and get a trainer. If you have a spiritual goal, you could join a bible study. Whatever your new endeavor is make sure you have someone to connect with.

Even if you just accomplish one new goal, you are that much farther than you were before.

We would never just give up on the car battery without trying a jumpstart first. so now, we can use the same strategy on all of those areas in our lives that we have laid aside and abandoned.

There is no end to the possibilities. Let’s get started – and make sure to check in and let me know how things are going as you Jumpstart your year!