I love this time of year.

The air is humming with the buzz of new beginnings and new resolutions. We have grown beyond the traditional oaths to form new habits.
For many the trend is to choose a defining word as our theme for the year.
Have you?
Have you even thought about what this next year may hold for you and the plethora of endless possibilities?
It’s not too late so let your imagination soar and let this be the year your word takes you on a journey like never before.
Maybe you find yourself, like me, thankfully shutting the door to the heartache and unanswered prayers of the last year.

If so, then join me as we plunge forward with anticipation into the adventures that unfold with this next chapter.

                                       The optimist in me rages against reality. I cannot let my story settle on an unhappy ending.                                                                                                                                 And so I believe. Beyond all sense of hope.                                                                                                              There is something that I was created to pursue and in the pursuit illuminate the path for others to believe.                                               If a seemingly unanswered prayer succeeds in sniffing out that light-
in me
In you
What then?
Darkness thrives.
Hope withers.
Faith fails.
Not on my watch.
Not this year!
And so I choose to believe.
Believe in second chances,

Believe new beginnings are so much more than New Year’s resolutions.
Believe that the old life has passed away and a new life has begun.

What about you? As you reminisce on the past few months do the memories pull at you like quicksand? Are there milestones and accomplishments that you can cling to as you enter into this next season? What calls out to you from your future? Hope? Adventure? Action? Opportunity or anticipation? What will your theme be for this next year?

When you identify this new pathway create visual reminders to help inspire you throughout the year. A new social media background or a print to frame and place in your room or office will encourage your new found resolve.

My theme word For this year is  “Believe”
I believe in you and your decisions to make this next year the best one ever,
I believe together we can conquer our fears and step out in faith to create our best life,
I believe it is possible to begin new habits and conquer the stronghold of old ones.
I believe- do you?

So what are we waiting for?

Let me know what is holding you back and how I can help.

Remember, all things are possible for those who Believe!