My hand trembled as I watched it struggle to set my phone down.
As if holding on to it would make the conversation less real.
Some conversations make me feel more helpless and emotionally crippled than my super-hero Mom facade would care to admit.

I can’t be the only one.

Day after day we are bombarded with heartaches and heart wrenching news stories that we feel powerless to alter.

The overwhelm can seep like a poison into our souls until the helplessness envelopes us like a dark shroud.

Since running away is not a viable option, how do we go about finding an antidote for this widespread epidemic?

Recently I found myself on the edge of this dark place and grasped in desperation until I found the most powerful remedy.

The counteraction can only be discovered in searching for slivers of light.
When negativity threatens to suck us in with the power of quicksand we strike back with the opposition of everything that is Good and Right in the world!

First, reach out to a friend. There is nothing more healing than the love and compassion of someone who truly cares for you and your well being.

Find an activity that brings the joy of life back into your soul.
(Recently a simple game was like a healing balm for my family and I as we laughed and played for hours).

Focus on the beauty all around you with the eyes of a child.

I focus on the star filled sky, a sidewalk sprinkled with perfect fall leaves.
Dream-filled conversations over coffee and multitudes of sights, sounds and smells can bring joy if we simply take the time to experience them without rushing by.
And then we are reinvigorated by what we almost missed.

My prayer for you today wherever you find yourself-
Take time to “Be” in the moment. Don’t let the cares of this world drag you down or suck you in.
And may you never lose the wonder!