I had a wonderful, unexpected surprise today! Actually, it didn’t seem so wonderful at 1:30 am, it was a little frightening, more for my husband, than myself since I had a little fair warning. My son & his family drove in from out of town & arrived in the middle of the night, setting off the alarm as they came in the back door. I had an idea they were coming, but I thought it would be during normal visiting hours, not cat burglar’s, and in Texas we shoot first, ask questions later.  By breakfast, after my husband’s heart rate went back to normal, we were very excited to have them here.

           Since my daughter-in-law will also be running in the Disney Princess Half Marathon with us in only 95 days, I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to run in the park together. So, we loaded up the 2 kids, after the men went to work, and headed out to run. Well, that was my intention, anyway. We started out a little slow, pushing the double stroller up & down the gently rolling terrain. (“Gently rolling” wasn’t really the first thought that came to mind as I struggled to push them up what felt like Mt Everest). And, in spite of my vigorous training ritual, we only lasted for a mile and a half. My granddaughter had a much better plan for staying physically fit, after feeding the ducks, she coerced us onto the playground!

            I will admit, sliding down the slide and swinging was a lot more appealing than pushing them uphill at a slow jog. But her physical prowess was soon overshadowed by her daring feats of bravery! Leaping up the steps to careen down the slide was one thing, but when she pulled me toward the “monkey bars”, I was sure it was too much for this girl, not quite two and a half to manage!!! But, she proved me wrong! She had a plan; if I would just be there with her, for her to lean on & show her the way, she was more than able to make it up and over what many would have considered an insurmountable task. Over & over she conquered the bars & flew down the slide. so young, so brave & so trusting!

        What a great lesson for so many of us! We are encouraged by the Word of God, to come as little children, with the same childlike faith. What if we did? What if we relied on God to be there, like He said He would, to show us the way, and if we leaned on Him to give us the strength to conquer our insurmountable tasks??? Maybe, just maybe, we would conquer them over & over and encourage others to have the same childlike faith!