I have a confession to make, I’ve always known I was a dancer. I harbored dreams of gliding alongside Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire  before I was 6 years old! I danced on the playground, in the kitchen and on the beach. My primary school dance classes didn’t fool me … dressing up like a little duckie WAS NOT dancing!

So I postponed my dreams until I could join the more mature ranks of dancers in tutus.

   And then I danced and danced! I even danced when people were watching. I didn’t care what people thought. I belted out with Cassie in “A CHORUS  LINE

“I, I am a dancer. That’s what I am. That’s What I do!”

   I danced ballet, jazz, lyrical, High School & College dance teams, and the culmination of all my dancing dreams –

  Ballroom Dancing!

There was never a question about whether or not I was a dancer; I frequently danced when no one was watching!

But when it came to writing that was a different story.

Like dancing, I’ve written for as long as I can remember. I’ve written poetry, short stories, messages, and even stashed away a couple of unfinished novels!

I once read that “Dancers, dance and writers, write”

Writers Write???

Where did this identity crisis come from?

I came face to face with this inner turmoil last month when I joined a group of (mostly) writers on a trip to Guatemala. I was hesitant to even confess my secret desires to my accomplished companions.

I was taken back to my fears of attempting to conquer the high diving board as a child. ( I learned the hard way some unaccomplished feats were better left unsaid). How could everyone around me let me come that close to drowning? Where did the world come up with this “sink or swim” philosophy, anyway?

As aquaintances quickly became friends, this writing community, led by the empowering Jeff Goins, welcomed my questions, apprehensions and dreams. (Can I take them all home with me?) The encouraging offerings of help and suggested resources were so much more than my heart could conceive.

Did I mention affirmation?

I Am A Writer!

Last summer I stood overlooking a waterfall slide, at a resort-sized pool. Childhood fears were pushed aside when, after much coercion, I had agreed to take the plunge to encourage another lady to do the same. Inner-tube in hand…

(I’m not crazy!)

I led the way to the cheering crowd below.

When the thrill of accomplishment replaced my fear, I was eager to repeat the experience again and again.

I began to encourage the apprehensive, newcomers with my own experience.

Because that is what we were created to do!

I wasn’t able to bring all of my amazing writer friends home with me, but I did get to keep this valuable lesson….

Whatever your secret desire or passion, whether it is writing or dancing or conquering the high diving board,

surround yourself with encouraging friends who believe that you can conquer any fear that is keeping you from believing in who you were meant to be.

Go ahead! Jump in, the water’s fine!