They enter your life like the first cool front in fall. You wake up one day and feel something new in the air. A briskness, a reason to rush out the door. You are motivated, inspired and ready to continue the journey.
These kind of relationships cannot be confined to the label of friendship. They are so much more empowering. They have left an impression and taken a part of your heart.

Maybe you get what I am talking about or maybe you long for this very thing at this moment in time.
Like the appearance of her Fairy Godmother at the perfect time, Cinderella feels the heart cry in her actions;

“Can You Hear Me Listening?”

Isn’t that all we long for?
A listening ear that “gets us”?
A friend to bounce crazy ideas off of without judgement or correction.
And the respect to realize we can mutually learn and grow from each other?


If you think you know everything and have nothing to learn stop reading now!

I have been empowered and motivated by women of every generation this week.
What about you? Can you open the eyes of your soul to recognize what the next generation may have to share with you? Beyond refreshing, they bring unquenchable enthusiasm for life. Phones are forgotten if we take the time to listen, ask questions and just be in the moment.

Sometimes you are the wisdom, sometimes you seek it.

This week I sat at a dinner table with a new friend that I have so much to learn from, caught up with another at lunch, met an amazing mentor for coffee, and had lunch with a group of college students that are taking a piece of my heart back to Tennessee.

How do you find the time? I can hear the question loud and clear.

How can you not? This valuable commodity doesn’t just appear, quite the opposite. You have to mine for it like the precious gem it is, carving out little chunks throughout your day and week. As the weeks and years pass you will eventually recognize what a wise choice that was.
These lasting memories have given me a list of ideas to share with you and the motivations to spread my wings and continue to fly.
I can only pray that as I am faithful to my call to mine for pieces of life to cherish and share that I have given this same gift to others.

If your heart has been stirred by this same desire I want to challenge you today-

Who are you gleaning from and who are you pouring into?

The secret is in listening and asking.
And one day you will look up and realize the Fairy Godmother was there all the time.

         Remember it wasn’t really the dress that determined her destiny, she just had to listen and go to the ball!