What was once a specialty of late night TV can now be found morning, noon or night on a variety of outlets.

Like them or not you’ll have to agree the infamous infomercial can reel you in if you watch for more than a minute!

I’ll have to confess I may have ordered a product or two. What about you? Admit it, you’ve at least been intrigued. That intrigue is what led me to discover the power of the infomercial.

Despite the clever images and marketing of the latest crème, video or gadget, the true sales credit goes to the testimonials! That is where we get sucked in. We find a sense of connection to the “problem” the product solves. Whether it’s a miracle exercise regimen or handy jar opener, we listen to the woeful tales and jump out of our seat with a resounding “Me too!”.  As the minutes tick by we are captivated by transformation after transformation. If it worked for them, it should work for me we reason as we lunge for our credit card.  But the too subtle similarity of the rapid weight loss, wrinkle-free skin and easy chop vegetables is that every testimony required far more than just purchasing the product.  The intriguing part was watching step by step as the person used the product to achieve the results we were looking for in our lives.

Recently my niece began doing demo videos of a lip product she was selling on Lips by the Bai. I never even knew the product existed.  What I did know was that I needed a lip color to last an entire work day, because who has time to run and reapply several times a day? As she demonstrated step by step, not only how to use the products, but also how it remained on your lips not on your glass, food or even your puppy you may choose to kiss, I knew this was exactly what I’d been missing in my life.

When I received my product, I referred back to her testimonial and followed her instructions. I got the same results. When I tried to take shortcuts and skip steps – not so much. I couldn’t wait to share this amazing information with every woman I knew that shared my previous dilemma. Isn’t that what a testimony is all about? That is the power of the infomercial – when you find success in something that works, you can’t wait to share it with everyone you know. Especially those that are suffering from the same problem that you are. Unfortunately, no matter how great the product, how miraculous the testimony or how amazing the advice; if the work isn’t done – if the steps aren’t followed according to the instructions then you can’t expect to get the same results.

Most of the time we’ve already seen the “infomercial”, we already know what to do, we just want a quick fix. But shortcuts don’t always take us to the desired destination.

Is there an area in your life that you’ve already seen the remedy for you just need to do the work?

Or, do you have a testimony that you can share with someone today?

Don’t wait-

The time for life change is NOW!