I am so excited to embark on a new adventure,

and I am so excited that you are taking time out of your busy day to join me!

As we begin this quest into the life you’ve always wanted, always dreamed of, or always believed you could have we have some mapping out to do.

First of all, you will need a journal, notebook or just plain paper to begin.

I’ll wait while you get that…



We have to begin with the end in mind.

What is your desired destination?

This is the time it is okay to get a little crazy.

For example, my younger self dreamt of  living in a castle on spacious grounds,  (possibly in Europe) with the bonus handsome Prince!

(There may have also been a rogue Unicorn running about.)

You get the picture. Your dreams may not resemble a Fairy Tale like mine did, but they may seem as unrealistic to you.

All of that is about to change.

Make a list of Who, What & Wheres.

Another great idea to explore your final destination is to take a stack of magazines and cut out pictures, words, etc. to describe your future life. Then make a collage to keep for reference.

After you have taken the time and effort to do this exercise (because your best life deserves this time and effort) we are going to define each part.

First of all, if you desire to live in a castle, like me, what does that mean? What is appealing about that to you?

If your answers seem far-fetched, do not discard them. I truly believe that is why so many of us set our dreams and desires on a back burner; we have been convinced they are unrealistic or unattainable.

God created us with dreams and desires for a reason. Our job is to map out a way to define them.

Pay close attention.

What attracts me to the idea of living in a castle? I discovered I love old architecture (not modern straight lines). I like turrets and tapestries and velvet on carved furniture. Is that doable? Most certainly! My current brick (not stone) home has a lovely turret and curved staircase. I have it furnished with mostly Victorian style antique furniture accented with Medieval touches here and there.

As far as living in Europe, I compromised with paintings and climbing vines intermingled with rose bushes to bring that European flavor home to me.

It didn’t happen overnight, but as it took shape I began to “feel” what I had always dreamt of come to life.

Now it’s your turn, write out some possibilities (even crazy ones) to bring your dream closer to becoming reality.

(Relocating and dream vacations are not out of the question.)

While you are having fun with that I would love to hear your ideas and/or questions in the comments.

I will share more ideas soon!

Dream on!