In the midst of our quest for the life we were created to live, we will eventually  come up against obstacles.

One of the most deceiving hindrances I am going to label “The Brick Wall”.

This comes from an eye-opening illustration I read about several years ago in an allegory.

In the story, a man on task to be a hero stays trapped in his village due to the barricading wall surrounding the town, preventing a way out.

Although he knew the fate of many rested on him, he was paralyzed by the wall.

Eventually, it was made clear to him (and fortunately the readers), that the wall had holes big enough for him to easily pass through at any time.

Because he had grown so accustomed to having the wall there his entire life, he was oblivious to the new escape routes.

This reminds me of conversations I have had with friends during the past couple of years on limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs deceive us subconsciously that there are barriers preventing us from moving forward, or into a different area of life.

Some limiting beliefs are grown with us from childhood, like the man in the story. Just because something once was (or our family believed it to be so) it must always be.

It could be as simple as “no one from our side of town ever graduates from college”, or ” a woman’s place is in the kitchen”.

More subtle could be internal messages of not being good enough, smart enough or brave enough to try and tackle this new adventure.

I find myself coming face to face with these crazy limiting beliefs almost weekly. Crazy is the ideal word if you catch me trying to argue myself out of one.

I am so thankful I have been made aware of the existence of limiting beliefs. It has helped me to identify those holes in the brick wall when I thought there was no way out.

I would like to encourage you to try an experiment; as you set out on your journey and you identify an obstacle that resembles a limiting belief write it out on an index card.

Then, on the back of the card write a truth that dispels the belief.

For example “I need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy.” versus “I am happy on my own and enjoying life with my friends.”

“I am not smart enough to do this.” versus ” I am capable of researching and learning new skills.”

That is just a small sampling, but if this intrigues you like it does me, there are so many books or articles online for you to find out more.

My biggest wish for you is that you don’t find yourself up against a wall and quit like the man in the story.

You have a great adventure ahead of you, so identify those obstacles that are simply limiting beliefs & get back on the road.

This is only the beginning, we will learn how to combat other obstacles along the way.

But for now, grab some index cards &  prepare your escape route!