The flurry of cars on the nearby highway created a numbing background noise as my feet followed the too familiar path in my neighborhood.

I was two streets away before I even realized I had “zoned out” during my run. It felt good to block out daily tasks that awaited my return.

The laundry, bills and dishes could be placed on hold a couple of hours, but life could not.

How had this miraculous gift I had been given deteriorated to such a zombie like state?

Life can be defined simplistically as the obvious characteristic of not being dead. (Seriously, it is the distinguishing factor, look it up.)

But more specifically, ( and my personal favorite) it is

“The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence.”

That is what this Quest is all about; creating, enjoying and responding to those experiences.

Without experiences how can we truly live?

If you reminisce back over your life you will find the most consistent memories coincide with specific life events.

It is important to realize how they are both sweet and sorrowful.

I have had the fortuity to experience the miracle of birth and heartache of death during the past few years. And the effects of them both created the person I am today.

Your effects will be greatly determined by your response to most of life’s daily circumstances, but especially to the major ones.

And that is what caught my attention;

It is easy to be graciously amazed at the miraculous welcoming of a baby into this world. Losing a spouse of almost two decades is quite another matter.

(Being gracious in the midst of grief, loneliness and pain can be harder to deal with.)

But do we give equal thought to our response in the day-to-day minute details? I caught myself floundering as the realization flooded my mind.

Gone was the hazy stupor of my life lived by rote.

Life was meant to be lived – be experienced in every minute detail.

As I accepted this realization my run changed before my eyes. It was like the feelings of first love.

I could smell the scents of flowers and trees blossoming around me. As if on cue, a butterfly crossed my path.

I waved at passersby and smiled at frazzled drivers most likely running late for somewhere.

Life was beautiful! It wasn’t always sweet, but it always carried with it the chance to experience.

That was a pivotal moment for me and a lesson well learned.

We were never meant to take this life for granted. It is a precious gift that has lessons both difficult and effortless.

I don’t know where this life is taking you, but I do know through it all we were created to enjoy the journey.

How are you experiencing life? Are you savoring every moment, not just the momentous ones?

Being numb for is okay for awhile as long as you don’t wake up one day realizing you have missed out on what life has to offer,

not learning, not growing, not responding.

The saddest lives are lived just existing.

I pray that you live life and you live it more abundantly!