When I think of Batman, I think of the old 1960’s reruns that I grew up with. Every week I shared in the adventures of Batman and his sidekick Robin as they saved Gotham City from another villain.

Wham! Bop! Pow!

Whatever adversity came their way, after 45 minutes of facing insurmountable odds, they brought peace to the city by defeating another enemy.

Conquering evil and saving the day, that’s what makes up the life of a hero –

Little boys dress up as Superman, Spiderman and Batman

but nobody wants to be Robin.

Why not? Didn’t anyone see what was so obvious to me?

As they rode along in the Batmobile, Robin was always there for Batman to formulate a plan with. Robin was a constant source of encouragement. (A great quality to have when you are constantly face to face with evil villains!)

And many times it was Robin who jumped in to take out the bad guy just before he took out Batman.

If you think about it, we are constantly being bombarded with evil villains to some extent or another. There are great people and great organizations out there fighting the battle everyday.

I think what the world needs is a few more sidekicks to come beside them and help save the day.

I don’t have to be a Super Hero, I’m very content being Robin.

I’m so excited just to go along for the ride and jump in every once in a while to hit a bad guy on the back of the head.

Not everyone has to be on the front lines, but it would be a lot more fun if more people joined the fight.

Who could you join up with? Maybe just encourage someone that is already in the fight.

You never know, you may be the hero and save the day!