I laughed out loud as I read a friends commentary on the various topics in her SPAM mailbox.

I could totally relate –

I also am not Asian, I don’t want a Russian bride, I don’t remember sending you any pics,

And I certainly don’t have any male parts that I need to enhance!!!

The first thought that pops into my mind, (and spurs my response towards the delete button)

isn’t the obvious “I don’t know the sender”, but the more defiant,

“You Don’t Know Me!”

How dare you clog my mailbox with trashy ads, pushes for “Cheap prescriptions”, and the multiple requests to “meet” someone online.

(I am a little interested in the cheap, Rolex watch, though!)

I only have to  glance at the subject line to realize none of these items pertain to me. I get even more livid when they are prefaced by an endearment –



What does that even mean anymore? Does the overuse by zealous spammers and Facebook users cheapen the term?

When I questioned a young woman the other day about her future and her dreams, she answered swiftly and emphatically.

I was so impressed with her sense of security, I asked for more info.

Fortunately, she had a great group of friends who encouraged her and believed in her.

I agreed , having friends that truly know you inside and out enough to support your dreams is a rarity.

I have to admit I felt just a bit envious.

When I think of the people I can be vulnerable with, the ones who still love me when I’m blatantly “me”, I can count about a handful.

Some people see you how they want to see you, with their expectations in the subject line;

(I obviously have something I need to enhance.)

True friends see you for who you are, where you want to go, and they help you get there.

Never underestimate the power of encouraging words and a listening ear when it comes to dreams!

I believe in dreaming big,

(Disney Happily Ever After BIG!)

Setting lofty goals,

Stepping out into uncharted territory,

(Usually after being pushed by one of my encouraging friends.)

And especially, encouraging others to do the same!

What is filling up your “Spam” folder?

Are you being enticed to follow after things or enter into relationships that have no part in identifying who you truly are,

Or who you dream of becoming?

Take a tip from my young friend, find a group of encouraging, true friends that will help inspire you to reach for your dreams.

I believe in you –