It’s time to dig in, deep within.

It’s time to let your creativity come out and play –

Whatever your “canvas” is feel free to unleash!

For some strange reason

I can’t go into a fabric or craft store and just pick up the one item I went in for.

Why is that?

It is easier for me to resist a hot fudges sundae with extra hot fudge than the allure of a new creative project.

Whether it’s sewing together a selection of floral prints to produce a new tote bag,

creating decoupage art on a new journal,

designing jewelry to match an outfit or choreographing a new dance.

(Am I the only one feeling old time swing to Mercy Me’s new song “Shake”?)

The biggest obstacle seems to be finishing one project before moving on to the next one.

Whether it’s singing, painting or writing a song we all have a way to contribute to the beauty of world.

My husband can capture the unseen beauty of a cityscape with his camera.

(I’m lucky if I capture the people I’m aiming at when I attempt a photo.)

My sister can take an empty canvas and create a unique and inspiring painting.

Even the lady down the street is contributing to the beauty of the world by planting a colorful array of spring flowers.

How do you make the world more beautiful?

What is your favorite way to create?

Whether it’s cooking a dish, writing a blog or making a child laugh,

we each have our own way to contribute.

Today is the day for your creativity to be unleashed!

Let me know how you create with a photo or a comment.