I just returned from visiting my past and it hurt.

     A friend accompanied me to an old house that held memories, and heartache and treasures that I didn’t have the emotional strength to deal with several years ago. As the memories slowly filtered past my soul like silken cobwebs we walked through, I discovered something even more heartbreaking…

     I just went to the shelves to find some old How to Learn Spanish books that I wanted to review before an upcoming trip. I didn’t plan to come face to face with journals of hope and fragments of dreams left gathering dust along with the books of all the projects I had left undone when I walked away from the house I spent so much time on.
    The true awakening came as a  paper fluttered softly to the floor. It was a story I had started many years before, handwritten like so many things I had penned. Where had that woman gone? The one who once wrote so passionately? Who journaled without fear of the words that flowed out? Did she die with the man that she was married to for so long? Where was the unrestrained desire to create, no matter what the cost or the hour?

   I left undone. I had gifts that God had given me and I had abandoned them along with books and clothes and dishes from another life. It is time to wake-up and recapture the dreams that once burned so deeply within me. I haven’t lost the desire, it was just packed away with wounds that refused to heal, like they were intertwined. But now, now is the time to pack away yesterday and close the boxes of the past & write the dreams of my new life with fresh ink!

  What has died in you? What have you left undone? Today is a new day, pursue the dreams that once burned deep within you! It’s not too late…

  Recapture those dreams before another year passes!