It hit me with a force that could not be ignored;

Young women being sold and traded like a commodity for sex!

The horrors of Human Trafficking pulled me into a fight that I couldn’t refuse!

If you talk to me for even five minutes you will learn that I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of teen girls and young women.

So, finding a way to combat this atrocity became my highest priority. I began researching and attending trainings. I even ventured to Washington D.C. to lobby for the reauthorization of the Trafficking of Victims Protection Act. This was all before I knew of anyone else that was doing what I was doing in my city.

I just couldn’t sit still.



I was connected with a group that shared my passions, my repulsion and my desire to do something about it!

So I attended their monthly meetings.

For months.

After one of these meetings I shared my dismay. (OK, that may be a little tame. I was disillusioned.)

I vented my frustrations to the group’s founder. I voiced my concern that we had been meeting for months and had nothing to show for it.

She graciously began to address my concerns by pointing out all we had learned as well as the many people that were coming on board.

It was easier for her to be motivated, she was about to leave the country to open a shelter for rescued girls in a third world country.

Soon we would host our first Human Trafficking Awareness Month, officially recognized by the Mayor.

 He would be attending our inaugural event along with other local politicians.

Still I wasn’t encouraged, but I didn’t quit.

I continued to attend trainings. I spent more time at the capitol.

Eventually,  our organization “Blue Nation” began to have speaking engagements and trainings throughout the city and surrounding areas.

In the words of my friend, Marlene, our goal was to become

“Information Experts”.

But was that enough?

MY goal was to change the world! To save lives! To free the captive young women I kept hearing about…

And kept hearing about.

And now I’m reading Jeff Goins’ latest book “The In-Between” .

As usual he challenges me with his honesty, and convicts me with the truth!

We aren’t here just  to live from one big event to another, it is how we spend (or waste) our time “in the waiting” .

I have an epiphany that seems like a “Karate Kid” moment.

I am heading into my season of “fighting” like never before.

I haven’t been wasting time at all. I am ready, I am armed!

I have been “painting the fence”, and “waxing cars’ as I trained and advocated on behalf of these girls.

I can’t wait to tell you what is happening now.

But, while you are waiting, why don’t you check out Jeff’s book “The In-Between”

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