Rushing to our gate only to find that our flight was delayed…

by two hours!!!

Running late for an appointment and screeching to a halt because of

an accident three exits down!

Unexpected delays catapult our well calculated schedules

into a tailspin.

The frustration begins to build as I wrestle with the notion that

I have no control

Or, do I?

I have noticed a trend in my response to

“unwanted delays”

I’ve realized I have a choice!

I can be frustrated and miserable, or I can be proactive and fruitful.

In this electronic age we live in, I am rarely without something to read on my iPad,

Nook, or or even my phone!

I find myself indulging in the guilty pleasure of getting lost within the pages

of a book I couldn’t find time for.

When I’m stuck in traffic, I can return phone calls, or call a friend with the unexpected

“gift” of time, so elusive before.

Or, I can pout & stomp my foot, which wouldn’t change the circumstance at all.

Recently my friend & I were “trapped” in traffic for over two hours. A true test of

anyone’s patience! As my frustration grew, I knew I needed a distraction from

the annoying vehicles bypassing the line via the ditch.

(one of my pet peeves is the audacity of people who think the rules don’t apply to them)


Music led to dancing, dancing led to laughter,

laughter led to hysteria,

which was hugely inspired by our space-limited dance moves!

I still wasn’t overjoyed with the backed up traffic, or the arrogantly rude drivers.

But, we had now practiced our upcoming “Flash mob” routine, as well as created

fun memories, including several new inside jokes.

After all, I have a choice,

I learned this the hard way:

Romans 5:3-4 tells us

“we glory in tribulation because tribulation produces patience, and patience, experience

and experience hope!”

When unexpected delays interrupt a well planned day,

as the anger or frustration begins to build,

make the choice to “glory in the tribulation”

And take advantage of what can be produced

In the waiting.