We’ve all been there…whether you’re fourteen or forty, we all have that moment that we wish we could do over. It may be something that flew out of our mouth before we had a chance to think about what we were saying, a promise we broke ( even if it was just to ourselves), or that “thing” we said we would NEVER do. Whether it was a word, a thing, or an event, we wish daily for one of those magic transporter machines that could take us back to the moment just before it happened! Well, unless you’re in a Steven Spielberg movie the chances of that happening are as slim as being cast as the lead in the next “Twilight” sequel! Sorry, Taylor!

It’s inevitable! As long as we walk on this earth & breathe in this atmosphere, we will have moments we regret. Sometimes these soul shattering events are thrust upon us, totally out of our control; walking out of a public restroom with a streamer of paper attached to our shoe or becoming the laughing stock of the “it” group at school, or some unmentionable thing far, far worse. Those times that make us cry out from our depths that “Life Is Not Fair!”.

No, it doesn’t feel like it at that moment, or the next week, or maybe even next month. Maybe, it will take years to come to the place where we get a chance to meet that moment face to face & reconcile our hearts to the person we really are; the one who would “NEVER” do that. But until that time, we can find hope in a promise hidden in the middle of the bible: “God’s mercies are new every morning!” (Lam. 3:22-23) Every day is a new beginning, a new chance for a “do over”. A new opportunity to show the world that we are the Girl that God created us to be!