Do you remember your last move?

Looking around the house at all of your accumulated “necessities” it can be overwhelming to even wonder where you are going to start.

All of this stuff didn’t get there overnight and it won’t move out that way either.

I was recently faced with the moving dilemma. It was overwhelming to look at all of my stuff and wonder how I could get it packed and moved in the time frame I had.

I wished I was  Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Jeannie” so I could just blink my eyes and it would all be transported (and put away) at my destination.

Sometimes, that is how pursuing our dreams feels.

We have our destination mapped out, but it seems so incomprehensible how we are going to get from point A to point B.

How do you go from Soccer Mom to saving the world for example?

Whether it’s a major move or your mission statement, they both begin with one step.

Just do one thing.

That may seem oversimplified, but doing one thing in the right direction everyday will get you closer to your goal than staying frozen where you’re at.

Before I could even begin to think of where to start with my move, I got some boxes. Next, I just had to go from room to room and figure out what to fill them with.

As you look at your “map” or vision board for your future life, what one thing could you do now?

My favorite “go to” in almost every situation is research. I am the google queen!

If my dream is to be a ballroom dance champion, I search out information on ballroom dancing. If I have a specific fitness goal, I study up on eating and workout plans.

Getting some background information on your future goals can be huge in preventing hitting some potholes in the future.

Standing on the precipice of the beginning of your dream life can be scary and intimidating.

But, just like having to pack up a whole house, the more you pack up everyday, the closer you get to your end goal.

You may not do everything in the right order (few people do) , but you are doing something.

Maybe you need to learn a new skill. Next to research, learning is the biggest way to propel yourself into the YOU you always wanted to be.

Learning doesn’t necessarily mean going to back to school. So many learning opportunities are  available online; videos, webinars and books are available at your fingertips almost immediately.

Just reading the right books can increase knowledge and ability without ever even having to leave your house.

Remember our basic needs to Live, to Love, to Learn and to Leave a Legacy?

What a great step to pursue as you move towards your dream.

Take that first step,

Do one thing today

and tomorrow

and the next day!