Charting out a course for the unknown usually brings a sense of adventure coupled with a dash of hesitancy.

The excitement of traveling beyond the norm (our comfort zone) into a new realm of possibilities is sometimes stifled by the “What if’s?” and “What now’s?”.

But once the intrigue of what life holds beyond prevails, the planning can continue.

The mapping out begins!

Once upon a time that would mean, laying out charted routes marked out on folded  papers and highlighting the course with a colored pen.

As time went on, we were able to search the internet for the most suitable way and print out our intended route.

Today, we simply have to access our preferred mode of GPS, and we are vocally guided by a canned version of the Stepford Wives.

Whichever method you prefer, whatever technology brings to the process, no matter your mode of transportation or where you are going,

One thing remains the same ~

Once you determine your destination the next question is always “Where are you coming from?”

Every “To” needs a “From”.



  1. indicating the point in space at which a journey, motion, or action starts:

    “she began to walk away from him”

    • indicating the distance between a particular place and another place used as a point of reference:

      “the ambush occurred 50 yards from a checkpoint”

  2. indicating the point in time at which a particular process, event, or activity starts:

    “the show will run from 10 to 2”

  3. indicating the source or provenance of someone or something:

    “I’m from Hartford”

    Before you start your journey into your dream life, you need to first determine

Where ARE you starting from?

Where are you now?

One of the best ways to chart out the elusive course to your destiny is to identify where you are coming from.

What does your life look like now?

What do you like to do?

What makes your heart sing?

What are you lacking?

What in your life is ideal?

I hope you have a page full of scrawled thoughts before you. Now take those thoughts and journal of your dream life.

Remember, that hesitancy (it’s not really fear) is normal. It wants to cling to the comfort zone. (We will deal with that soon enough.)

Today we are only focused on determining our “To” and “From”, because tomorrow we will find out “Why”.

Where you are coming from plays a huge part in where you are going and who you are meant to be!