Starting up after a setback-

My fitness app was taunting me today.

“It’s time for you to check in on the scale” it dings.

Maybe yours chirps that you haven’t logged in enough steps.

There’s enough competition and comparison in the world making me struggle not to feel “less than” without my phone and watch joining in on the tirade.

Whether you’re coming off a holiday binge, an injury, or any other challenging life circumstance, sometimes it’s hard and downright discouraging to pick yourself up and get back on track with your goals after you’ve fallen down.

I don’t let that type of negativity into my life. I proceeded to chunk them both in the trash. (Just kidding).

I closed the app and sat back with sigh. It felt like things were piling up and the hectic pace of life was escalating.

How will I ever get back into a healthy swing of things again?

I know I sound like a broken record, but so much of your success in life is dependent upon the people you have surrounding you and the voices speaking into your life.

When life begins to go in the opposite direction that you’re destined for do you have a strong team of supporters to help lift it back up again?

I looked around and I listened.

I was searching for a cheering and supportive crowd. Not for me but those who would run the race and cheer with me. Somedays the crowd is slim, but it only takes one or two. Often only one or two will get it.

In this competition driven society the scarcity mentality takes over and the crowd begins to turn on each other only cheering when somebody falls. Sometimes the cheering sounds like horrific taunts (as in “can you believe…” type of gossip).

The easiest way to find this encouraging type of team is to grow and build them together.

Find others with similar aspirations and goals.

Want to run a race? Find other women to practice and run with you.

Want to build a business? Meet with aspiring entrepreneurs and learn together.

Make goals to set deadlines and support and hold each other accountable.

As you achieve your goals and succeed together you’ll develop a strong supportive bond.

And when the day comes that someone in the team falls under the overwhelm of life the others will be there to catch her and lift her back up.

This is where I am, looking for my ladies that have a goal to be a fit and healthy role model for the next generation.

The ones that will encourage me not just to get back on the scale but to recognize it’s not about a number it’s about a promise to myself and to them that I am stronger, I am worthy and I am the forerunner and example for the next generation.

If all they see is wave after wave of women giving up and giving in then what hope do they have?

Are you ready to get back on track?

Maybe you could join my team!