Living the life you’ve always dreamed of doesn’t happen overnight.

It also doesn’t happen without a lot of planning and work.

Hopefully you have a notebook filled with the your dream places, people, job etc.

As you began to map out your dream destinations it is very helpful to have pics or a collage to reference back to.

As you create sections in your “map” (preferably a notebook) to begin charting out a route, it would be helpful to realize that we were all created to Live, to Love and to Leave a Legacy. So, we are going to divide our dreams into these three categories to start with.

The”to Live” section may include your literal dwelling place, or destination. It can also include health and fitness dreams.

Under “to Love” will be family, including spouse (present or future), and creative & spiritual dreams that fulfill the emotional part of you.

And finally, “to Leave a Legacy” will round out our dream lives with our careers, volunteer or charity work, community endeavors etc.

A fun exercise to try is to draw three circles, one for each category. (Or you could have one for each specific dream item.

Inside the circle write critical elements to that dream. On the outside write desires that are not going to be a deal breaker if they don’t happen.

For example, my “handsome prince’ is tall, dark and handsome. He will have a sense of humor and make me laugh. He will be fun and spontaneous. He will be romantic and take good care of me.

In  my circle I’d put “handsome (because it’s subjective), sense of humor, fun & takes good care of me.” “Tall” could go on the outside of the circle, because it wasn’t a deal breaker if he had all the inner circle qualities. Get the picture? This little activity helps sort out what our “wants” versus “needs” may be.

Try not to overanalyze. This is meant to be fun and helpful in mapping out some strategies for our next step.

If you find yourself getting stuck, a good strategy is to start listing what you definitely DON’T want. That will make your wants a little easier to identify.

By the way, I ended up with the most amazing man, that makes me incredibly happy while keeping me laughing all the time. I’m glad “tall” wasn’t as necessary as “fun”, because I could have ended up with a tall, boring husband!

Have fun with your descriptions &

Good luck!