Like a spooky, Friday night thriller, the path looms eerily ahead in darkness.

Life is a journey into the unknown.

Treacherous trails holding the possibility of new adventures and painful pitfalls.

Is it worth the risk? Do we play it safe or do we even have a choice?

This journey is All about choices.

Do we happen in life, or let life happen to us?

Even when chaos comes out of nowhere like a meteor from outer space, we still have the choice of how to respond to the crisis.

During a recent “meteor shower” in my life, I imagined myself sinking into a never-ending pit.

Slowly falling into the “nothingness” I felt helpless.

When I paused to evaluate my surroundings – my pit- I was aware that I had stopped falling.

I gazed around, and then down.

To my amazement, I was standing on a solid surface.

The gratitude of such stability begin to catapult the rock beneath me up and out of the sinkhole I had resigned to moments earlier.

“On Christ the Solid ROCK I stand” echoed through my soul.

In one decisive moment I realized I was not alone. We are never alone!

Where do you choose to stand?

When life begins to pull you under look beneath your feet and evaluate your surroundings.

Some stretches of the journey may be more taxing,


Harder to navigate through.

I have hiked a few trails over the years and many times I have had to pause

to catch my breath, re-group and re-energize.

Always encouraged to find I was resting upon that Rock!

Once, I was overwhelmed with anguish as I ran with everything within me on the beach.

I wanted so desperately to just give in and quit –

Soon I spied a huge boulder not far ahead. I determined (my choice) to at least run to the rock.

I finally stumbled to my goal, tears forming into choking sobs.

I raised my eyes to the sky, to inform God of the situation He was obviously missing,

And was awed to realize I was standing at the foot of the cross .

Of course I was, where else would I be???

 There was a huge cross mounted at the top of the cliff that bordered the beach I was running on.

What if I would have chosen to quit?

If I would have chosen the sand instead of the rock?

I could have missed that life-altering moment.

It is ok on the journey to pause, to breathe, to re-evaluate and rest!

The most important thing to realize is that you are not alone!

Some days you are climbing to the top of the mountain,

Some days you are resting at the foot of the cross.

But most importantly, you have the choice to have the strong foundation of the solid Rock

giving you the stability you need throughout.

Where do  you Stand?

“On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand,

All other ground is Sinking Sand”.