As little girls we are captivated by Fairy Tales and storybook adventures. Like pages in a book turning swiftly, the years go by and reality sets in. One day we awaken to find that our everyday life is nowhere near the one we imagined in our childhood daydreams.

As our books sit gathering dust on the shelf, we’ve replaced them with fashion magazines and social media which simply leave us disillusioned with life and feelings of unfulfillment.

Although our lives may not necessarily include living in a stone castle and encountering fire breathing dragons, many of the principles that enchanted our young minds still exist in everyday life. There will always be battles between good and evil, heroes and villains, and perhaps one day your very own handsome prince and happily ever after.

However, as time went by, we were constantly prodded to grow up and join the real world. But what if the longing inside of us isn’t make believe? What if we were each created with a special purpose to fulfill? Our own unique adventure in this world?

I believe that each and every person does have a unique purpose and calling in this life.

I believe that we can all turn the page in life to discover what it is. We can map out a vision and begin our quest at any time ~ it’s never too late!

Will you join me in this 31 day Quest to find the life you were created to live?

Your adventure awaits!