As a mentor to young women, this is one of my favorite seasons of the year. High school and college graduations lend themselves to new beginnings and hopefilled dreams.

You can literally feel the anticipation rippling through the rows of caps and gowns. As I observed my girls graduating from schools across the city this year, their common thread began to unravel as they forged their futures with three unique routes.

I couldn’t help but recognize the lesson learned and wanted to encourage you to find your path towards your future dreams in one of these examples:

  1. Picking yourself up to forge a trail not yet traveled.   After experiencing some trials in the traditional school system Savanna recognized that her past did not define her future. She ventured out and proceeded to identify the last place where she experienced healthy growth and encouragement. After re-enrolling in the private Christian school of her youth she became the first Senior classman, first graduate and literally the first in her class! She is an overcomer and a fiery trailblazer! Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt it. You may be the trailblazer the world is looking for.
  2. Climbing to the top.     Brianna was born to excel. Her constant concerns centered around not only learning but striving to be the best in applying what she learned. She was driven to succeed and succeed she did- she was the Salutatorian of her class. In her case, coming in second was an achievement born out of hard work and dedication. When you passionately pursue your dreams and goals the reward is not always where you place but knowing that your hard work paid off and will catapult you to the next level.
  3. Charting your path.      When Hailee came to a fork in the road, she made a choice to not pursue just one path, but three! As an elite athlete she spent the majority of her life in the company of a softball, volleyball and basketball. Her commitment didn’t limit her, rather it grew her into not only into an athlete to be reckoned with on all fronts, but also a leader to look up to campus wide. Never one to take her gifts and dedication for granted she launched an FCA chapter at her HS to grow others up in the same sense of gratitude. Her skills on and off the field earned her a spot playing ball in college. Choices don’t always mean limitations. Sometimes our skills transcend boundaries and inspire others to reach for greater heights. As you explore your gifts and talents, eventually one may open the door to your future!

Our paths were never meant to be the same.

The routes we take to accomplish our dreams and goals are as unique as we are.

Never let inevitable obstacles derail you.

Always remember your past does not define you, aspire to grow wiser and climb higher.

And choose your path carefully- sometimes the answer is obvious, other times it’s “all of the above.”

Let me know which route resonates with you. Or, contact me for a more in-depth look at determining the best one to reach your dreams!