The tree branch begins to give beneath your weight. You don’t even know how you got there. The branch becomes like a diving board as you spring into mid-air!

Frantically you begin to flap your arms until your heartbeat slows and you mimic treading water.

Fear becomes fascination as you gaze at the houses and people below. Flying faster than the bikes on the sidewalk yet coasting in comparison to the mocking birds sharing your sky.

Exhilaration pulses within your veins, longing to hold on to this moment forever.

And then you wake up!

Flying dreams are amazing. They taunt us as we toss and turn trying to fall back into the sleep that took us there. Our hearts and minds hoping to catch a glimpse of something that would impart a clue to the meaning of this slumber induced adventure.

Somewhere deep within each and every one of us is a beckoning for something more.

A dream, a calling, a space you know you were created to fill.

What is yours?

Several female competitors stood nervously on the sidelines of the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course to cheer on fellow competitor Jessie Graff.

The night had already been a huge disappointment for fans and competitors alike. Many favorites had fallen out early. The obstacles were proving to be quite a challenge for even seasoned warriors.

Ever had days like that?

You face an obstacle you think you are totally prepared for and


You end up floundering on your back or flat on your face.

  It can makes life seem so scary.

Sometimes it is flat out intimidating to even take a chance.

Watching competitor after competitor lose their chance to advance as they tumbled to the water below I was racked with questions.

What makes them come back year after year?

I have watched their back stories and they amaze me. Without even taking into account the life struggles the shear perseverance cries out for attention.

Jessie Graff has been training and persevering for years as a pole vaulter, a gymnast and currently as a stuntwoman. All long before American Ninja Warrior was even a thing.

What have you been training for, perfecting or persevering at for years?

School? Parenting? Maybe a career, sport or even your marriage?

As she sprung into action the audience cheered as she left obstacle after obstacle behind her. She defeated the course that those bigger and stronger than her had failed at.

When she came to a new obstacle tagged “the flying squirrel” I held my breath.

And fly she did!!!!

She became the first woman competitor to finish stage 1 in the finals.

And I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Because of the dreams we all have. The ones we have invested time, money, blood, sweat and tears into.

And yet when we see those that have gone before us the ones that are bigger and stronger fall we get scared.

What are we afraid of?

As the branch of security begins to give way beneath us we should use it as a springboard of faith.

As Erin Hanson so eloquently put it;

“And you ask “What if I fall?’

Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”

I hope you fly!