Do you want to know how to succeed in life without really trying?

Make the right choices!

That sounds way too easy.

But is it really?

When you have a lot of projects due in one week, do you:

a) Wake up early every morning to get a little work done.

b) Stay up late catching up on Downton Abbey.

c) Distract yourself by updating all your Social Media sites.


d) Search for efficient ways to finish projects on Pinterest.

Granted, “a” could also be “stay up late”,

(if you are a night owl like me & definitely not a morning person),

but you get the idea.

Or, you  may be the type of person that runs straight home to complete a task as soon as it is assigned, that’s a much better choice.

Choices are the words that come out of our mouths, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear.

We choose who we hang out with, where we go and how we act.

The “right choices” don’t always seem like the “fun” or “popular” ones at the time.

Eating veggies during the holidays, instead of always grabbing for a cookie, could save you an extra 5 pounds!

(Not to mention having to buy a new pair of jeans.)

Making the right choices

 will probably help you be considered to intern at a major, reputable company.

So, how do you spend your weekends?

Do you hang out with friends over coffee?

Or do you tag along to a “friend of a friend’s” party and consume way too many “adult beverages”?

Even if you are not drinking, the post your friends tag you in on Social media shows the crowd and not the facts.

Another choice. Another potential missed opportunity.

Let’s just say you went to a movie with your friends instead and ended up getting the job.

On your first day, you have a mandatory orientation on the top floor.

You choose to play it safe and wear your vintage, Audrey Hepburn inspired, resale shop find.

You sit next to a girl wearing the super cute outfit you considered buying at the mall last week.

(You chose to save your money instead.)

Her Victoria’s Secret bra peeks out the top (along with everything else).

You secretly thank God for sending you an amazing roommate that would never let you leave the apartment without suggesting a scarf or a jacket.

Friends and roommates that help you make the right choices are more valuable than a front row parking space when you are wearing 3 inch heels!

As the company president is introduced, you are equally surprised and impressed that it is a petite, older woman.

Her sleek, classic suit and eloquent manner cause you to daydream of being in her position one day.

It’s obvious that she takes great care of herself by eating right and staying active.

Just another confirmation on the goals you have set for yourself.

Surprisingly, she reads your nametag as you are leaving and compliments you on your resume.

She suggests to her secretary that you intern in her office and admires your dress as she turns to leave.

And to think it all started by the choice to answer an ad you saw in the coffee shop.

Goals and dreams can be achieved after all.

That is how you succeed in life without really trying ~

One choice at a time!

What choices do you face this week?

Let’s make a commitment to

Choose Right!