Driving down the highway, my focus was on everything but the song blaring from my radio.

Suddenly, I heard words that resonated within my soul ~

the lyrics jumped out and begged for an answer:

“Are you

Who you

Always said you would be?”

As young children we dream of becoming great athletes, ballerinas, doctors, lawyers, world changers.

And then, life happens. We go to college, get a job, maintain a career that pays the bills.

We have our 2.5 kids, an SUV if we are lucky, and dinner out with friends every other week or so.

Is that it? Is that who you, who I, always said we would be?

When we stayed up late at night with our friends whispering about the really cute guy in English class our plans for the future seemed so much grander than that.

I had a flashback this morning. A faint, whispering memory of the old me.

The me that tried so desperately to be loved,

To fit in,

To be what society seems to impress upon us that is important.

(As a naïve college student I didn’t have the inspiration of Beth Moore, Jen Hatmaker and Jennie Allen

that young women are so blessed with today.)

I was striving for that “perfect” relationship, job and 2.5 kids if I got lucky.

Those days are a sad blur, that led me on a quest to be something more.

The “more” I dreamt about with my friends,

When stars didn’t seem out of reach!

The girl that I once was is gone, but she inspired me.

And now, I am so happy as the woman He intended me to be.

Even if I don’t recognize her when I wake up in the morning.

Seriously, I was driving down the highway the other day and saw about 12 homeless people laying around on the property I know I will soon be working at.

I cried. Not because of their plight, but because of the fact that God preordained the work that was yet to be done on that property those people knew nothing about, and yet there they were waiting for us.

And as tears flowed, I didn’t recognize myself.

I wasn’t who I always wanted to be, I was better.

I don’t mean that arrogantly. I had shallow aspirations. I didn’t dream big enough.

Now I dream God-sized dreams! As scary as that seems, it lends itself to a more exciting life than even the one my friends and I ever shared secrets over.

A new movie “Son of God” comes out today. In the trailer, Jesus extends his hand to the fisherman, along with the invitation to follow him. Peter asks “What are we going to do?” Jesus replied, “Change the world!”

(Exclamation point mine.)

Again, I cried.

So, I extend the same invitation to you.

Are you who you always said you would be?

What is your God-sized dream?

I am embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, doing what I was created to do,

Won’t you join me?

What are we going to do?

Change the world, of course!!!