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Stretch Yourself

The fresh fallen snow beckoned me. Or perhaps it was a dare. I perched precariously surveying the mountain terrain below me. The ominous feeling of fear taunted me almost every year as I hit the ski slope for the first time after months away. But something was different. Why did skiing this year seem so challenging? I felt a weight hanging over me and I was slower than I’d ever been. I knew once my pace and rhythm kicked in momentum would carry me through, but I couldn’t even get to that place. I resembled a novice driver maneuvering...

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It’s Time to Arise

The Image hijacked my thoughts as I passed by the window. The miraculous sight deserved my total consideration. In awe and some confusion I gazed at the beautiful tree that had recently stood ravaged and bare. Although we were well into the winter months the storm-damaged tree had not only sprouted new growth but was dressed in full regalia of fall’s fiery red, orange and yellow leaves. Tears sprung to my eyes as I recognized the symbolism behind the rebirth of this tree. I don’t know about you but I have been a little slow and a lot behind...

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Permission to Believe

I love this time of year. The air is humming with the buzz of new beginnings and new resolutions. We have grown beyond the traditional oaths to form new habits. For many the trend is to choose a defining word as our theme for the year. Have you? Have you even thought about what this next year may hold for you and the plethora of endless possibilities? It’s not too late so let your imagination soar and let this be the year your word takes you on a journey like never before. Maybe you find yourself, like me, thankfully...

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What Are You Aiming For?

What does attainable mean to you? Does that define how you strive to achieve your goals? Maybe what is truly holding us back isn’t our abilities, but where we’ve set the mark and our process to achieve them. It was Savanna’s first time to shoot a rifle and all three shots were in the closest proximity possible to the bulls-eye! Her goal for the weekend was to eventually shoot a whitetail buck, something she probably never even imagined was a possibility. Practicing on the target she gained the confidence and assurance that this was something she could actually accomplish....

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Never Lose The Wonder

My hand trembled as I watched it struggle to set my phone down. As if holding on to it would make the conversation less real. Some conversations make me feel more helpless and emotionally crippled than my super-hero Mom facade would care to admit. I can’t be the only one. Day after day we are bombarded with heartaches and heart wrenching news stories that we feel powerless to alter. The overwhelm can seep like a poison into our souls until the helplessness envelopes us like a dark shroud. Since running away is not a viable option, how do we...

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Come to the Table

The empty chair. Most families have one, physically or or in spirit. At this time of year when we gather to celebrate and give thanks, the crowd and the noise amplify the silence of the loved one that is missing. Like an old wound reopened the pain once forgotten now hijacks our happy thoughts. Whether the space was created from loss of life or loss of relationship, the pain can often overshadow the joy of being with those who are present. I remember a time when neither the food or the company surrounding me could capture my attention. I...

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Use Your Voice Wisely

Don’t let the conviction of others sway your own. At work, at school, in public and on social media we seem to be bombarded by angry outbursts. There are times when I can see the reasoning behind them, and others not at all. The temptation comes when the noise becomes so loud and many of our friends and peers jump on the bandwagon. This is the defining moment; do we merge with the growing crowd or make a determination for ourselves? Recognizing that these moments will always arise it is crucial to know what your values are, what you...

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Carolina Sizemore

Carolina Sizemore
My dream is to see women of every age experience their very own happily ever after.
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